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Beyond Better Cashew Cheese Gluten-Free Sauce & Dip Mixes!

     Beyond Better Cashew Cheese is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Paleo,     Vegan, Kosher, loaded with flavor, packed with protein, fiber &   micro-nutrients.

Four Organic Artisanal flavors are gluten-soy-dairy-grain-egg free.

Excellent choices for camping and traveling!

Ideal for special diets/food allergies, Gift-giving!

Easy and quick: Just add water, bring to a boil.

   Enjoy convenient, organic vegan meals and snacks that are loaded with nutrition AND flavor.

Try it on:  Quinoa - Rice - Mashed Potatoes - French Fries - NachosCrackers - Chips - Steamed Vegetables - FreshVegetables - Roasted Cauliflower - Grilled Veggies - Beans/Pulses - Burritos - Tacos - Burgers - Sandwiches - Pizza - Eggs - Omelets - Crepes - Spicy Risotto - Potatoes au Gratin - Mashed Potatoes - Veggie Burger Mix (binder) - Queso Dip - Creamed Soups - Quinoa Sliders - Kale Chips - Creamed Spinach - Shepards Pie - Chick Pea  'Omelet' - Cauliflower Pizza Crust - Grilled Cheese - Broccoli Mac 'n' Cheese

"The Delicious Nutritious Cheese Alternative"

    Cure The Craving!

What People are Saying:


Way Yummy!!!! Super easy to whip up a batch. Resealable bag. Powder mix, so you can make how much you want and it won't go bad.  Dairy free, Gluten free and made from cashews. If you have a tree nut allergy, they make one with sunflower seeds, Still beyond yummy! Thanks Kerry and Greg!  

Honestly tastes very similar to actual cheese sauce!”

Fabulous idea!”

Couldn't be easier!”

We made a batch of the spicy queso for some friends. Before we told them what they were eating, they loved it. Then we told them how good it was for them and that it contained absolutely no cheese. They were totally amazed.”

Delicious Delicious!”

I am not a vegan and am very picky. I was surprised how much I enjoy the flavor.”

OMG me and V. are loving the black bean one and the sunflower amazing. I've been putting it on damn near everything....Tell me where I should write a review.”

Perfect for when my vegan friends come over! Thank You!